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Fazenda Neuchatel


Farm Colonial coffee cycle, has a nice feature in particular that differs from all others, a construction resembling the classic, a water wheel installed inside the first floor with almost 5 meters high that captures water from the mountains by an aqueduct that was used for grinding and processing coffee.

With the help of Regina Maia architect and family friend rescued up the pictures and studies of the house around 1984 already met with their roofs and windows falling, was forgotten in the mausoleum has become.

When found in 2001 with over 3 feet of debris inside was rebuilt and restored for couple years  to its original character; we call a "Fenix Project ". 

The news about the restoration of Neuchatel arrived in Sao Paulo. In the year 2012, in March, the centennial farm was visited by historian Ana Luiza Martins and Marcos Franco by architect Elijah, representatives CONDEPHAAT (Council for the Protection of Historical, Archaeological, Artistic and Tourist) who recognized the value of both the construction and restoration of the manor farm, congratulating Guaratinguetá for hosting such a beautiful specimen of the coffee cycle. Indeed, an unprecedented construction, not only for its water wheel inside the house as having been built by a Swiss and restored by an American, thus making it an international construction.

On the way to the big house, the visitor must pass an extensive trail and a small river to get to this place so amazing!